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• If you would like to fully join the Order, you must be a members of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.

• Others who are interested in the work of the Order may join our ecumenical ranks or associate with the Order. A Catechetical Program is offered by the Order under the direction of the Grand Prior, Fr. Raymond V. Dunn, J.D., OSJ. Individuals who join the Catholic Church through this program may choose to join the Order after their conversion, or they may live their lives as Catholics without joining the Order. We welcome any individual into this program who wishes to serve Christ the King in the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

• All individuals who are interested in joining the Order are required to take the Oath Against Modernism, which was written by Pope St. Pius X, prior to admission into the Order. A copy of the oath must be printed out, signed, and e-mailed to us at: The oath will be made publicly during the induction ceremony into the Order.

• You may only belong to one order at any given time. If you are a member of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, you cannot be a member of another order at the same time.

• No member of the Order may be a member of any secret, Masonic or anarchistic society or any other organization that has been condemned by the Catholic Church.

• All members of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem are required to live according to the Code of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.

• All members of the Order are required to wear the Maltese Cross.

• All members of the Order are required to be certified in CPR and First Aid. See the hospitaller requirements section for more information.

• All members of the Order are required to pray for the Catholic Church and the Pope with the prayers proscribed by Pope Leo XIII at least weekly. These prayers are said at the end of the Latin Mass.

• All members of the Order are asked to pray for our Spiritual Consultant, Bishop Joseph Mar Thomas, during the Mass in the prayers for the Church and Ecclesiastical Authorities.

• All members of the Order are asked to pray for the living and deceased members of the Order during the Mass at the Commemoration of the Living and the Commemoration of the Dead.

• All members of the Order are required to pray the Rosary, or a portion thereof, daily.

• All members of the Order are required to pray for their country and government at least weekly. For citizens of the United States of America, the Prayer for Our Government by Archbishop Caroll, A.D. 1800, is recommended.

• A number of apostolic liturgies have historically been used in the Order, including the Tridentine Mass, Eastern Catholic and Orthodox liturgies. The Latin Mass is and historically has been the form of the Roman Catholic liturgy that is used in the Order. Liturgies from the Eastern Churches are also used in the Order.

• All knights, squires and legionnaires of St. John are required to maintain themselves in good physical condition. The FITT Principle should be used to guide physical training programs. Training programs should be sent to both the Grand Master and the Grand Marshal for review.

• All men who wish to join the brotherhood of Knights must complete the Admission Program prior to their formal investiture.

• There is no application fee, and no fee for members in training. Please see the Schedule of Costs for more detailed information regarding the costs of membership in the Order.