Dr. Emanuel Baciu, is an associate of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. Dr. Emanuel Baciu, M.D. is the founder and president of the E.M.A. - Emergency Medical Assistance Foundation, a charitable ambulance service located in Baia Mare, Romania. The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem is happy to support the E.M.A. Foundation and Dr. Baciu's noble and charitable work.

Objective of the Emergency Medical Assistance Foundation

The E.M.A. Foundation conducts medical activities for charitable and educational purposes, and is based solely on the work of volunteers to support people in need with a focus on extreme situations and people located in remote or inaccessible areas due to topographical and weather conditions.

We are a group of volunteers from different fields who work together, learn together and grow together; and together we give to those who need help. We organize a volunteer medical service to provide emergency medical assistance by means of off-road ambulances to inaccessible areas and during natural catastrophes.

We also provide humanitarian aid to those in need by organizing humanitarian activities, fundraising and providing them with material goods. We also inform and sensitize society to the needs and sufferings of the less fortunate among us. The E.M.A. Foundation develops and implements a training program in basic first aid and crisis management for resource persons in remote areas as well as for students, for them to be able to intervene promptly in certain extreme cases.

Visit the official website of the Emergency Medical Assistance Foundation at the following link: