Spiritual Director

Bishop of Bathery

Syro Malankara Catholic Church




The Order is assisting those in need in India with the spiritual guidance of Most Rev. Bishop Joseph Mar Thomas, PhD. We are currently working on several projects:

  • - The proposed Cathedral of St. Thomas, Diocese of Bathery.
  • - A new Health Clinic for those in need in the Diocese of Bathery.
  • - Providing aid to Thapovanam: A humanitarian project for promoting Justice, Peace, and Love in India.
  • - 1 dollar a day saves a family in India. "Adopt" a family today by donating 1 dollar per day, which provides enough food for a family each day.
  • - "Adopt" a priest in India by supporting his education; in return he will offer prayers for you and your family every day throughout his life. The seminarian's education is supported by a donation of $1,000 a year.


Please help those in need in India. Your donations to the Diocese of Bathery are tax exempt, and a receipt of your donation and letter will be sent to you from the diocese. Please provide your name to the diocese when donating so the letter can be addressed to you. Please contact us at knightsofsaintjohn@gmail.com if you would like to make a donation.


Visit the official website of the Syro Malankara Catholic Church at:


Please join with us to assist those less fortunate through our charitable projects now underway in India. Helping our brothers and sisters in need is the great work of Christianity and we encourage everyone to help with our charitable work, either as full members or as associates of the Order. This will bring you blessings from God and special remembrance by our priests throughout the Order of St. John, and by our associate monks, sisters and priests in India.

If you are interested in volunteering to help, you may write to us at: