The Latin Mass Text


The Mass of the Latin Rite in its traditional form,
which has recently been referred to as the 'extraordinary expression of the 'Lex orandi' by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, is and traditionally has been a central liturgy within the Order. For nearly a thousand years, this form of the Roman Liturgy has strengthened the members of the Order, and served as a proven path to Heaven. Before entering battle, while undersiege, and while caring for the sick, the Knights of the Order attended this historic and classical form of the Roman Mass. This tradition and way of life that the Knights of Malta adhere to saved Western Europe from the invasion of the Muslims in the first half of the last millenium, and from many other perils. In recent times, it has proven to be a sure source of strength in the struggles against Freemasony, Communism and Modernism. The Knights of Malta are committed to this way of life, and consequently continue to attend this blessed and noble form of the Latin Liturgy.