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Join with us to assist those less fortunate through charitable work. Helping our brothers and sisters in need is the great work of Christianity. Confraters and Consorors are especially encouraged to help with this ministry, and all are invited to participate. Your work will bring you blessings from God and special remembrance in the prayers of our associate religious in India, and throughout the Order of St. John.

1. No Greater Love: This is an excellenct book with a collection of writings by Mother Teresa teaching the necessity of good works.

2. The Works of Mercy

3. The Eight Beatitudes

4. We All Must Work

5. Akathist to St. John the Baptist

6. The Oath Against Modernism

7. A Guide to Working for the Unity of Christians in the Church

8. A Guide to Charitable Work

9. Medical Work of the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem, Edgar Erskine Hume, (194 John Hopkins Press). This book is out of print, but available through inter-library loan. This book discusses the charitable and practical work of the Knights of Malta.